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At Remedy Physio some practitioners are qualified to use acupuncture for the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems and for pain relief. These physiotherapists are registered with the Acupuncture Association of Charted Physiotherapists (AACP) and are highly experienced. George Chia, the former owner of the clinic, is a notable physiotherapy acupuncture advocate

Effects of Acupuncture

The type of acupuncture used by the physiotherapists at Remedy Physio is in line with current western medical knowledge rather than the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. Based on the current literature on the subject, the effects of acupuncture are threefold:

1: modulation of pain. This is through the stimulation of the local nerve tissue and spinal cord, plus the higher centres of the brain to allow a reduction of pain.

2: reduction of muscle tone. This occurs through needling of muscles in high tone or spasm and results in a reduction of the effort in the muscle and relaxation.

3: Stimulation of inflammation. The effect of the needle penetrating the skin and underlying tissue causes various chemical responses which are know to be involved in the process of healing (inflammation). This can aid the normal healing process following soft-tissue injury.

The acupuncture process

In clinic you will be questioned to assess your suitability for acupuncture, consent obtained, and positioned in a comfortable posture. Needles will be inserted at various points in the body (sometimes far away from the injury site), stimulated by manipulation, and left in position for between 5-20 minutes, dependent on the aim of the treatment. The needling is performed in a sensitive manner and aseptic technique is adhered to, with all needles used being destroyed after each session. Following the treatment, patients are advised to rest, and not drive if feeling drowsy as there is a known soporiphic affect.

Number of Treatments needed

This will be discussed with your physiotherapist, though it is often advised to undergo three treatments to assess the effectiveness of treatment.