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Past Courses


3rd December 2016

This one day course covers: red flags for serious injury following accute trauma – essential componants of a subjective assessment – objective assessment and diagnostic ability of clinical tests – principles of tissue healing and treatment myths – evidence-based management of traumatic knee injuries. This course is suitable for any clincian that deals with traumatic knee injuries including newly qualified practitioners and experienced practitioners requiring an update on current concepts.

About Richard Norris

Richard is a physiotherapist who has worked as an ESP on the knee complex since 2010. He has extensive clinical and teaching experience and has provided training for a variety of health professionals.


05th November 2016 – 06th November 2016

Learn how you can integrate the latest, cutting edge assessment and treatment approaches into your clinical practice from a physiotherapist that specialises in whiplash. “Clinical Whiplash & Neck Pain” is the 2 day evidence-based course, presented by Chris Worsfold, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. “Clinical Whiplash & Neck Pain” is based on over twenty years extensive clinical and research experience. You will gain an in depth understanding of the biomechanics, pathology and evidence-based assessment and rehabilitation of whiplash injury and neck pain. Throughout the 2 days there will be an emphasis on research findings that are directly relevant to you, the practicing clinician. You can become the whiplash expert in your department!

About Chris Worsfold

Chris is a full time Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, specialising in neck pain. He set up Kent Neck Pain Centre in Tonbridge, Kent in 2010. He is a popular and in-demand public speaker and very regularly presents his work to students, health professionals and lawyers in schools, NHS Hospitals, private clinics and at national conferences. He has an expert witness medico-legal caseload, representing the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in Parliament in 2013. His latest publication (2014) on an evidence-based approach to whiplash medico-legal reporting (Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine) has been described as ‘unquestionably original’, ‘ground-breaking’ and latterly as ‘very nice work’ by whiplash authority Robert Ferrari. He has also represented the CSP on the Ministry of Justice Whiplash Reform Working Group (2014) – tasked with reforming the whiplash medico-legal reporting system in England and Wales – and as a Director of MedCo (2015) ( He has appeared on BBC1, BBC2, BBC Parliament, BBC Radio 4 and in the national press discussing whiplash injury




3rd September 2016

This course is aimed at different professional groups including nurses, osteopaths, sports therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and GP’s. With special guest Tim Watson, the study day takes the current issues and research evidence in Tissue Repair and considers them in some detail and then aims to explore how manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy can influence the processes involved. This type of course aims to integrate the different treatment approaches rather than dealing with them in isolation.

About Tim Watson

Tim trained as a physiotherapist in London, UK, qualifying in 1979. He researches in several fields associated primarily with electro physical agents / electrotherapy and tissue repair, and is currently Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire and a freelance consultant. He has published over 50 journal papers, is editor of a core text on electrotherapy and has contributed numerous chapters in other edited texts and is on the Editorial Board of 2 physical therapy journals. He also reviews for more than 25 journals and grant authorities and has presented more than 870 professional lectures, short courses and conference papers.


Remedy Shoulder Series Part 2. The Shoulder: Complex doesn’t have to be Complicated

with Adam Meakins, Shoulder Specialist and Sports Physiotherapist

24th/25th September 2016

This two day workshop is designed for ALL therapists who work with shoulder problems who want a simplified, effective and evidence based approach to its assessment and management. It is designed to be informative, informal, and fun, with plenty of helpful hints and tips that you can put into practice immediately.  Objectives are; to simplify your assessment and management of the most commonly encountered shoulder issues, expose the myths and misconceptions around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology, explore the evidence for the assessment and diagnosis of the most common shoulder issues, examine how best to assess shoulder movement, muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain and delve into shoulder rehab planning and progression with chances to practice and rehearse exercise ideas.

About Adam Meakins

Adam is a Shoulder ESP for the West Herts PCT and the Lead Physiotherapist at Perform London and has been a shoulder specialist for over 10 years. During this time he has worked with some of the country’s leading specialists, and helped a wide and diverse range of clients recover from shoulder problems. Adam is well known as a strong advocate for simple, honest evidence based management, and is actively involved in clinical research on rotator cuff assessment. Adam has also developed his own website called ‘The Sports Physio’ and has fast become the most followed physio on Twitter, and is well known for his honest if not controversial views and opinions.