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Welcome to the Remedy Physio Website. Here you will be able to find out about who we are, what we do, and the services we offer to help with any pain or injuries you suffer with.

Your physiotherapy is provided by one of our friendly and experienced team. We work with you to develop a programme of treatment tailored to your needs. Our clinic is warm, welcoming, and convenient.

Remedy Physio

A team with experience and passion providing expert physiotherapy, with specialisms to help with pain or injuries you suffer with. We work with you to develop a programme of treatment tailored to your needs. Our clinic is warm, welcoming, and convenient.

We specialise in: Wrist and Hand, Elbow, Sports Medicine, Shoulder, Womens Health, and Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound

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University of Sheffield Staff and Students

Our partnership with the University of Sheffield Juice programme allows free assessment with our physiotherapy team, and discounted treatment for staff members

Student Offer- £25 for physiotherapy

Staff Offer- £33 for physiotherapy

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  • Reginald John Hudson Avatar
    Reginald John Hudson
    9/17/2021 - Google

    Helped me and showed me how to help myself with my life long handicap .Thankyou

    Salma Yousaf Avatar
    Salma Yousaf
    9/17/2021 - Google

    Ruth is amazing !!! Been a driving instructor for a long time causing me pains everyday. She has made me... read more

    Godfrey Craik Avatar
    Godfrey Craik
    9/17/2021 - Google

    I was recommended to see Thomas by a friend following a wrist fracture. He was thoroughly professional and explained the... read more

  • Keith Jones Avatar
    Keith Jones
    9/10/2021 - Google

    Massive Thank you to Thomas! His expertise and patience has got my wrist back to normal and helped me return... read more

    Lucy Clague Avatar
    Lucy Clague
    9/03/2021 - Google

    Brilliant experience with Rob from Remedy Physio. I had a complex issue with my hand and Rob quickly worked out... read more

    Lisa L Avatar
    Lisa L
    8/05/2021 - Google

    What a lovely welcome to my first appointment. Staff were warm and friendly. Thomas was very patient and gentle in... read more

  • John Green Avatar
    John Green
    7/26/2021 - Google

    Thomas has been so helpful getting my deformed wrist working again

    Rogério Wanderley Avatar
    Rogério Wanderley
    7/26/2021 - Google

    Amazing place to feel better.The staff is super friendly and the professionals are always willing to make the best for... read more

    Stuart Hankinson Avatar
    Stuart Hankinson
    7/26/2021 - Google

    I was referred to Remedy Physio by my hand surgeon following operations to correct Dupuytren's contracture. They are a very... read more

  • julie byrd Avatar
    julie byrd
    7/26/2021 - Google

    I would recommend Remedy House to anyone who needs physiotherapy. The service I received was excellent and the treatment has... read more

    Stathis Malandris Avatar
    Stathis Malandris
    7/26/2021 - Google

    Great professionalism and thorough approach to treatment , highly recommended

    David Meadows Avatar
    David Meadows
    7/26/2021 - Google

    Huge thanks to Rob for getting me back into running and cycling after a hip injury. As a member of... read more

  • Hayden Brindley Avatar
    Hayden Brindley
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Posted on behalf of Judith Daley:I first went to Rob at Remedy after suffering acute pain with sciatica over a... read more

    Esme Tuttiett Avatar
    Esme Tuttiett
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Extremely happy with the physiotherapy treatment I received. Thomas really knew his stuff, was extremely thorough, explained everything really clearly... read more

    Natalie Forster Avatar
    Natalie Forster
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Absolutely 5 star treatment.Friendly, Patient, understanding. But most of beneficial .

  • Joe Godbehere Avatar
    Joe Godbehere
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Been working through a lower back problem with Rob for a few months and the service has been second to... read more

    Ingrid Smetan Avatar
    Ingrid Smetan
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Very nice and lovely staff. Came with back problems and I was given very useful advice. Would recommend it for... read more

    Sean O'Callaghan Avatar
    Sean O'Callaghan
    6/26/2021 - Google

    When I visited Rob at Remedy, I had been suffering with back pain for two months. I started to notice... read more

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