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Physio Matters Podcast: a worthy cause: Free place on Toby Hall’s Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy

January 31, 2017 11:20 am Published by

Remedy Courses  value the contribution to continuous professional development provide by the Physio Matters podcast.


As a physiotherapist of twenty years practice, I think back to the early quarter of my career, where I was lost professionally, finding few engaging minds within my professional network of contacts, and feeling isolated from the wider physiotherapy community, and critical thinkers. I’ve always wanted to be challenged clinically and intellectually, however, hierarchy within organisations and my low level of knowledge and confidence often found me frustrated. I have been surprised and delighted by the discovery of the Physio Matters podcast as I feel it gives voice to the conversations which I want to hear, challenges my beliefs and provides a platform for critical evaluation. This is open to all MSK therapists, no matter their experience of background, and as such, allows the ivory towers of the MSK community to be opened up to all levels of clinician.

We understand that such a resource is largely a philanthropic venture, of considerable time, effort,  and capital with often minimal or little financial return. This led to their Patreon campaign to assist with funding, and I would urge you all to consider giving back to a resource which you no doubt have benefitted from.

At Remedy Courses, we believe in the professional journey of education and clinical development which compels us all. We also value the curatorship of the Physio Matters podcast in considering all aspects of the MSK field, their ability to ask the uncomfortable of the best minds, and to allow debate. From our perspective, we attempt to have parity in our bookings, selecting educators from different factions from the MSK world, to assist us in our own process of critical thinking to affect and inform our efforts with our patients in clinic. As such, we feel it is right to sponsor the Podcast with free places to Patreons at our base in Sheffield. This is highlighted by Patreons winning free places on our courses delivered by Adam Meakins, Richard Norris, Chris Wolsford and Toby Hall.

We are delighted to welcome Toby Hall back to the clinic this spring to deliver his highly regarded eight-day Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy; a course which is practical and multi-modal, involving the necessary critique and reflection regarding the role of Manual Therapy within contemporary practice as a facet of effective rehabilitation. This eight-day course will be packed with knowledge and insight from a highly accredited clinician and academic. To reflect our ongoing sponsorship of the PhysioMatters podcast, we are offering patreons the chance to win a free place on the course which is £1000 to attend as an independent delegate!

As they say, you’ve got to be in it, to win it, so back the podcast to get your chance to join us! Good luck with your continuing journey as clinicians, and we look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield soon.

Thomas, Andrew and Rob


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