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Manual Therapy

Physiotherapy can be used to assist in the recovery of musculo-skeletal disorders or injury. Our treatment can help provide an environment where inflammation for muscles, joints and soft tissues is optimised, and offer advice on managing the recovery and to reduce the likelihood of further problems. We can help you recover from injury or surgery, or address a long-standing problem. At Remedy Physio, we have over fifty-years experience between our practitioners of treating all manner of musculo-skeletal problems.

Manual Therapy

Our central technique. Various philosophies of treatment will be incorporated within the joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation techniques used. For instance, the Mulligan concept is a manual therapy that enables recovery from joint disorders. It involves the therapist delivering a pain-free series of techniques, often undertaken in weight-bearing postures such as sitting and standing, to realign joint position, restore movement and encourage pain relief.

Spinal conditions

Neck and back pain affects most of us at some point through the course of our lives. The team at Remedy Physio are highly trained in the diagnosis of such issues, advising when a problem will settle by itself, when treatment is appropriate, and when the problem is more serious and medical assessment is needed. We are experienced in treating conditions such as lumbago, sciatica, chronic problems, headaches and whiplash-associated disorders. We will always look to supplement treatment with stretching, exercise and postural advice to increase a patients spinal tolerance and make re-occurrence less likely.

Joint problems

We commonly see trauma from slips, trips and sprains from falls or sport, or osteoarthritis and related degenerative conditions in joint pathologies. We will assess, advise and treat, aiming to allow a reduction in the symptoms and allow normal activity.

Soft tissue injuries

Muscle strains/tears, tendon problems such as Tennis Elbow and Achilles Tendonosis will be assessed, diagnosed and treated to assist in the body’s healing process and rehabilitated to allow normal function.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Following operations such as ACL reconstructions, hip and knee replacements, rotator cuff repair and joint athroscopies we can guide you to overcome pain, strengthen the operative area and return to activity.
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