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Sports Injury

Sports Injury

The importance of early diagnosis and treatment of sports injury can have a great impact on its outcome and speed of return to action. We are specialists in the management of acute injury and will assist in the reduction of swelling, immobilisation if required, strapping, and treatment of the injury in its acute phase. Following this, we will guide you through the healing process and push you through the intermediate phases of treatment and rehabilitation to allow you to return to your sport fit and strong enough to compete. Exercise programmes, alternative fitness work and a graded return to activity are central to allowing an optimal return to sport, and we will guide you through these to reduce the likelihood of flare-ups and re-injury. Thomas Mitchell and Rob Leckie are highly experienced in the elite sporting environment, both having international physiotherapy experience, and understand the pressures of returning to action plus the necessity of thorough treatment.

Student Rate: £25 (half an hour session)

Free Clinic/Drop-in Service, Mondays (7pm-9pm) at Goodwin Sports Centre.