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David is a regular client of our Senior Physiotherapist Rob Leckie. David has suffered with different issues in the past and loves to stay active.

Listen to David’s story below

Caterina Sciamanna Avatar
Caterina Sciamanna
8/26/2020 - Google

Great service from Rob Leckie from Remedy Physio. I can't recommend him enough. Professional and friendly. He sorted my back... read more

Stuart Hankinson Avatar
Stuart Hankinson
7/26/2021 - Google

I was referred to Remedy Physio by my hand surgeon following operations to correct Dupuytren's contracture. They are a very... read more

Tim Bowell Avatar
Tim Bowell
8/26/2018 - Google

Remedy very kindly saw me today - at very short notice - which was hugely appreciated. I was really impressed... read more

Andy cain Avatar
Andy cain
6/26/2021 - Google

I have been very fortunate to have once again been referred to Remedy Physio. It is without a doubt a... read more

Chris Morris Avatar
Chris Morris
8/26/2016 - Google

Really good service, I came here after i had been suffering from a running injury for many months and it... read more

Stathis Malandris Avatar
Stathis Malandris
7/26/2021 - Google

Great professionalism and thorough approach to treatment , highly recommended

Margaret Beckett Avatar
Margaret Beckett
8/26/2020 - Google

The person I see has just moved there as where I previously went has now closed. Everything was set in... read more

Esme Tuttiett Avatar
Esme Tuttiett
6/26/2021 - Google

Extremely happy with the physiotherapy treatment I received. Thomas really knew his stuff, was extremely thorough, explained everything really clearly... read more

Jasmine R Wakefield Avatar
Jasmine R Wakefield
4/26/2021 - Google

I had a lovely appointment with Lauren. She made me feel very comfortable and talked through everything she was doing... read more

Rogério Wanderley Avatar
Rogério Wanderley
7/26/2021 - Google

Amazing place to feel better.The staff is super friendly and the professionals are always willing to make the best for... read more

Lisa L Avatar
Lisa L
8/05/2021 - Google

What a lovely welcome to my first appointment. Staff were warm and friendly. Thomas was very patient and gentle in... read more

peter bacon Avatar
peter bacon
4/26/2021 - Google

Very professional and safe environment with ample parking. Very pleased with my post operation care and support provided.

Natalie Forster Avatar
Natalie Forster
6/26/2021 - Google

Absolutely 5 star treatment.Friendly, Patient, understanding. But most of beneficial .

Ingrid Smetan Avatar
Ingrid Smetan
6/26/2021 - Google

Very nice and lovely staff. Came with back problems and I was given very useful advice. Would recommend it for... read more

Pete Hogg Avatar
Pete Hogg
8/26/2019 - Google

I've seen Thomas with an ongoing shoulder problem, he's a very knowledgeable physio and gave first class treatments to sort... read more

Caroline Moore Avatar
Caroline Moore
2/26/2021 - Google

Thomas is a cut above your standard physio and I have seen a lot in my lifetime having had major... read more

Mark Rusling Avatar
Mark Rusling
12/26/2020 - Google

Rob Leckie sorted out my trapped nerve in a very short space of time. Went from very painful to nothing.... read more

David Meadows Avatar
David Meadows
7/26/2021 - Google

Huge thanks to Rob for getting me back into running and cycling after a hip injury. As a member of... read more

John Green Avatar
John Green
7/26/2021 - Google

Thomas has been so helpful getting my deformed wrist working again

Hayden Brindley Avatar
Hayden Brindley
6/26/2021 - Google

Posted on behalf of Judith Daley:I first went to Rob at Remedy after suffering acute pain with sciatica over a... read more

Sean O'Callaghan Avatar
Sean O'Callaghan
6/26/2021 - Google

When I visited Rob at Remedy, I had been suffering with back pain for two months. I started to notice... read more

Tom Clark Avatar
Tom Clark
1/26/2021 - Google

I had a course of physiotherapy at Remedy, with Rob Leckie, and can't recommend them enough. I went to Remedy... read more

Joe Godbehere Avatar
Joe Godbehere
6/26/2021 - Google

Been working through a lower back problem with Rob for a few months and the service has been second to... read more

anurag garuna Avatar
anurag garuna
10/26/2020 - Google

Great service. Thomas was really good.

julie byrd Avatar
julie byrd
7/26/2021 - Google

I would recommend Remedy House to anyone who needs physiotherapy. The service I received was excellent and the treatment has... read more

Billy Underwood Avatar
Billy Underwood
4/26/2021 - Google

Great treatment and service - Thomas really took a personal interest in me and evolved his treatment to suit my... read more

Alan Piper Avatar
Alan Piper
8/26/2017 - Google

Remedy House provides a range of health care solutions. Mr Rob Leckie is a first class physiotherapist, can personally recommend him.

Eric Bohun Avatar
Eric Bohun
8/26/2020 - Google

Rob Leckie has helped me enormously with my back pain. 4 years of intermittent, disabling pain, perhaps 3 months off... read more

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