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Rachel Nathan

My name is Rachael and I’m a qualified Sports and Swedish Massage Therapist who is passionate about health and well-being. I’m here to help people who want to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and reduce muscle tension.

My experience with massage started with a diploma in 2009 in Complementary Therapy, studying Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. This lead me to volunteer as a Complementary Therapist at St Barnabis Hospice in Lincoln, a day centre hospice. I gained invaluable experience providing massage to a range of terminally ill patients.

This experience was very rewarding and I began to develop my curiosity into the power of touch and its effect on mental and emotional stress. Having a background in sport and being a recipient of many sports massages for helping with tight muscles and injuries, I became fascinated in how affective massage can also be at reducing mental strain and promoting well-being.

I have further developed my skills through completing a level 3 diploma in body massage this year at Lincoln College. Working on clients during my training where I aimed to help people struggling with muscle tension and encourage them to become more aware of how they hold their body, to look at where some of the tension may be coming from, and discuss strategies to improve such as stretching exercises. I believe that becoming aware of posture is an important step to working on persistent areas of tension.

Swedish massage is suited to people who want to primarily have an increased sense of well-being and who have stress levels they want to manage, as well as to reduce general muscle tension and joint aches. With this form of massage there is also an emphasis on creating the right kind of environment to help the client to relax… the massage is as much about relaxing your mind as your body.

It will also be beneficial to help people who have tight muscles and hold tension in parts of the body causing general aches and pains in their muscles and joints. This can be due to poor posture or from spending long days sat at the desk which has caused tight neck or lower back muscles. It may also be through your regular activities such as gardening or running which has caused some muscle imbalances. The goal is to work on those specific muscles causing discomfort and help to bring some relief and manage pain.

My growing passion of health and wellbeing eventually lead me to Nursing where I have been working in General Practice as a Practice Nurse and also have experience in other areas of health and social care. This experience I believe enables me to have a heightened insight into the affects of poor health and how a person may be effected, not only physically but mentally. I believe I can use this to great effect in providing an holistic service.

I have a diploma in teaching yoga and am a keen trail runner and cyclist, having completed a number of ultramarathon races.

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